Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've seen the future and we are saved!

Was at the State Library of Victoria, that grand old dame of a building that graciously forgives the foibles of all the young whipper-snapper architects who think they know better and attempt to achieve the greatness of the State Library only to fail miserably.
Anyways....was in there trawling through the old newspapers on microfilm with the feral kidlet - he gets to learn how to do things old school as part of his homeschooling, yes, even down to note taking with a *gasp* pencil and paper notebook.
He wanted to try out the wi-fi doo-hickey with his laptop but I made him go old school (mainly cos I know who'd end up carrying the damn thing and I wasn't sure if lappys can be used in the microfilm room).
So, had to go to the loos and There.It.Was.
My lost faith in humanity.
Fully restored.
After reading the old school-type CLEVER, INTELLECTUAL, HUMOUROUS, WITTY graffiti on the back of the toilet door, I have hope for our future once more.

"When you get to the other side and realise there REALLY IS a BOB, then you'll know I was right. But it'll be too late for you then. You'll be BOB-LESS. Like you are now."

"Jesus saved humanity once." (In blue ink)
"He's got nothing on The Doctor." (In different hand in red ink with mini TARDIS drawn beside it).


  1. Jesus vs. The Doctor.

    What a great comment!

  2. Interesting how a visit to the loo can either make or break ay day so to speak lol. glad you found some interesting reading that put a smile on ya dial.

    Nothing wrong with old school lol
    BTW I need to pick ya brain in the next few days about places out of melbourne to visit. Your blog entries have inspired me lol

  3. Oooh, Janine. I'd be afraid to ask Jayne where to go. She strikes me as someone who wouldn't hesitate to tell you. :^D

  4. Of course -- the people speak -- the underground rambles of the thinkers --- always found within graffiti. Interesting post on graffiti. -- barbara

  5. Yep, was a nice surprise, River :)

    Try the Yarra Valley, Janine, really pretty and within easy travel distance of Melb ;)

    LMAO Debby.
    You nailed it ;)

    Thanks, Barbara :)

  6. Oh, this post made my day!!! Outstanding...