Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love is...humouring your partner's weirder ideas

But had a grand soak in the tub.
In the backyard, in the pitch dark.
Yes, it was cold, no it had stopped raining.
But it was freakin' brilliant under the cooling-rather-quickly-hot water looking at the moon through the trees.
Hubby was a tad stingy with the buckets tonight.
But it was still fun.
And he stood guard with the trusty torch and towel.
Ya never know about the feral possum mafia around this place...!
I see the moon, the moon sees me, shining through the apple tree....


  1. A bath tub? Outside? That sounds awesome.

    I've considered buying a wading pool just for late night soaks in the summer. :)

  2. Oh seriously Jayne I am envious . I want one !

    Surely it is at your little oasis not in the regular backyard ?

    My husband will thank you not lol hahahhah lalalalala

  3. This bath idea sounds great. If only I could find an old bathtub to set under a tree and a strong man to haul the hot water I would be all set. -- barbara P.S. You might be starting a nature soak movement?

  4. Now thats what I call bliss Jayne, am very envious.....

  5. My old mum had a bath tub in her backyard.

    Ringed with rocks.
    Filled with water.
    And goldfish.

    As far as I know, she never took a dip in it herself, left it for the fish.

  6. Nope, sadly it's in the suburban backyard, otherwise I'd scare the bejebus out of the neighbour and his Arabian mare he agists on our land at our oasis lol.

    Nature soak movement, I like the idea of that lol.

    Our shower will be finished and ready to use on Friday, Debby, the day we're heading off to the bush lol.

    Is very bliss, Janine ;)

    We were going to do something like that, River, but the nature soak movement got in first lol.