Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Show and Tell with the pretty petals

And, for your Spring eye-ball delight, I give you.....

The cast-off cast-iron hand basin planted with pansies.

The vibrant blue of the Blue Pacific just outside the back door - it GROWLS with bees all over it humming in bliss.

And the bath tub underneath the plum tree dripping dizzily with blossom.


LiD said...

What a beautiful garden, Jayne. I was hoping you would post some photos. The cast iron bath has a good spot. Finally, it is blossum time in Melbourne, but then it is also usually 'blow a gale' time too. Lovely photos.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Yes, spring is here - although yours seems a little more advanced than mine! Fabulous colours!!

River said...

Love the Pacific Blue, they're quite prolific here in Adelaide too. Unless I'm confusing them with something that looks the same.

Fen said...

beautiful stuff indeed.

lavenderbay said...

Lo-ove the sink, and whatever variety of pansies those are. The bathtub is whimsical. Are you planning on putting a fountain up through the drainhole?


Nice !!

Jayne said...

Thanks all :)

Yep, LiD, the blossoms would normally be all over the place by now lol.

Red and River - the colours are so bright and eye catching, very vibrant after dull winter hues :)

Thanks, Fen.

No, Lavender, I'm keeping it for a good old soaking in Summer or a freezing dip in winter should the shower ever pack up lol. Hubby's promised to build some decking around it.

Thanks, Elizabeth :)


Jayne -- I take it that the bath tub pictured is the one you recently did your bathing in. What a lovely environment it has. -- barbara

Jayne said...

That's the one, Barbara!
I could see the moon through the (then bare) branches of the plum tree lol.