Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Double up give away and even more drivel

Have convinced He Who Snores to join me on the Weigh It Up challenge with much fussing and blathering on his behalf but I think my recent birthday made him realise we're getting a tad too tubby for our age *snort*
Will expect more grumblings but I'm sure I can stuff his mouth with a bit of salad.

The feral kidlet has been having a ball reading about NZ as part of his culture studies, reveling in the science and natural history parts, of course lol.
Has asked (jokingly) if I'd let him have a pet Moa....yeah, sure, kid!

We'd love to learn more about hubby's great grandmother but, unfortunately, her birth was registered under her Indigenous name and she kept silent on a great deal of her childhood and upbringing.
It was very dangerous for her to know or meet her father and brothers, as she did in her later life, and even in her old age she told her grandchildren that it had to be kept a secret.
She did say she'd spent the better part of her childhood on her hands and knees 'scrubbing floors before daybreak for white people' but little else.

Today I found some more doubled up books so I'm giving away two at a time;
Steele Rudd's On An Australian Farm and

Marigold by great Aussie author Nancy Cato (author of All The River's Run)

Just throw a comment in and have a chance.

Congrats to Watershedd who won the eeny meeny miny mo challenge of selection for the book.
Send me an email to ourgreatsouthernland at gmail dot com with your postal details and I'll shoot it off to you asap ;)


Janine said...

lol at a pet Moa, good luck with that....imagine though if he could lol....the stories he would be able to tell. So what parts are tickling him about our science and natural history.

Its such a shame that dh's great grandmother kept so much silent, I understand why, I really do but it still doesn't make it right for her or her descendants....

Watershedd said...

Oh wow! Thankyou so much! Email heading your way.

I am constantly amazed at the people who felt/feel it necessary to hide their heritage because of bigoted minds about race and colour. I hope we are learning, but I fear not.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Maybe tell your son that while a MOA might be out of the question, perhaps a 'MOWER' might be an acceptable substitute??

Happy travels!!

Davo said...

"drivel" .. um interesting word.
Would you believe that my mother's grandfather was, technically, an "illegal" immigrant. As far as we can gather, was cabin boy (perhaps Scandinavian); origin, name unknown)on sailing ship. Hopped off in South Australia, changed his name; disappeared into the bush, became a shepherd, found a wife, had lots of children.

Davo said...

Aint no drivel on this site .. heh.

lavenderbay said...

It would have to be a female moa. The inferiority complex such a pet would raise in the hens would cause them to stop laying altogether; at least with a female moa you could have an occasional omelette or angelfood cake.

Andrew said...

Mr S Fry was in NZ looking for a kakapo. It was very interesting and the episode of the series I enjoyed the most. FB should look at kakapo, as he may get to see one, one day. Nancy Cato, I had to check as I never knew she wrote books. Ok, different Nancy Cato, but they are related.


Jayne - too bad you cannot find out more info on your hubby's great grandmother. If only we knew the full story of many of our ancestors! --barbara

Cazzie!!! said...

Wow! I am having the same trouble with finding out who my Grandmother's Mum was, only have her name from my Nans wedding certificate at present. Much of my Nans past was kept hidden because of so many stigmas attatched to being indigenous.. even until late in life. My Nan never ever trusted the Childrens Hospital here in Melbourne , as an example, because she lost my Auntie Pauline there and she put it down to the staff not caring because they could see my Nan was Indigenous and all that. So much was lost. So sad. I miss her

River said...

I'm writing down the titles and authors of all these books, adding them to my library list to borrow, this list is almost as long as my arm by now....

I have no trouble with my ancestry. Mum put together a family tree dated right back to 1834,and gave each of us kids a copy years before she died.

River said...

I've just checked and it's 1824. In Sweden.

Wanderlust said...

Hi, I'm new to your site but I'm glad I found it as I have a real love of Australian literature.

That's a shame that some of your family history is lost because of the racial divide. My ex-husband has a grandparent on each side that is Native American (Cherokee and Sioux, I believe), but never met them and knows almost nothing about either one for much the same reason. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!