Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

While Sally may have left a trail it certainly wasn't one of breadcrumbs....

A little elbow grease and those bloodstains are history!


Anonymous said...

Dick and Jane books, just how the teachers taught me to read :) Of course, we had to learn a list of particular words prior to moving onto the next book.

River said...

Ha Ha, and now I have to email you a picture.....

Red Nomad OZ said...

Love that bloodstains one! Is it an old product ad? Or just a random photo with a caption??

Happy travels!!

Jayne said...

Lordy, Dick and Jane were a fav with me, too, Cazzie lol.

OKies, River ;)

I have no idea, Red, or what that gal was on when the photo was taken.
But I'll have a double shot of it!

Davo said...

OK, don't fall orf me tree fer much. but Julian Assange might need some support.

Gah, remembering Lalor. the "eureka" moment is not confined to some ancient greek bloke in a tub .. heh.

Otherwise, Cheers and Best Wishes ..

Brian Hughes said...

That'll teach Sally not to eat keema vindaloo for supper.

Jayne said...

Chrsitmas Cheers back at you, Davo :)

Oh my sainted aunt...!
Hello stranger, good to see you again :)