Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bush graves and Bush Daisy

Here are a couple of shots of the bush burials out in the gold diggings.
*Click on the pics to enlarge*
If you look to the left of the blue jeans you'll see the quartz rocks marking one grave.
There is another almost immediately to the right of the legs, similar in shape (they are standing between, not on, the graves).
There were approx. 4 or 5 in a small area grouped together.
The story is that an immigrant family ran a store out on the diggings and they all died suddenly from an infectious disease, hence burying them there, just a little removed from the general area.

This was the area where the bush graves are; deserted, quiet, eerie and still, in the midst of the pock-marked diggings.

This is the remains of a chimney and building, given the proximity, probably belonging to those in the graves.

The bush daisy went beserk in the Ironbark.


Brian Hughes said...

Next time, take the dog. It'd have a field day.



rhubarbwhine said...

I love bushgraves. So interesting.


Ahh --- interesting story of the family. I need to find out more about the land I live on. -- barbara

Debby said...

Oooh. I always find myself wondering about what sorts of things happen where I'm standing right now. I'd rather stand where you're standing, and wonder about that, because it does seem like there's more to wonder about there than here.

Red Nomad OZ said...

That's so sad - a whole family wiped out with little left to show their existence. A bit maudlin, I know, but Xmas sometimes has that effect!!