Monday, February 14, 2011

On This Day in Aussie History...have a rose/box of chocolates/foot rub/roast dinner... while you're at it

Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Reader!

Now, before you go muttering that it's an American tradition taking over Oz, let me point out that the miners on the goldfields throughout the 1850s, 1860s and so forth began bragging about their wealth and gold finds by splurging pressies left, right and centre on the object of their heart's desire.
Whether that object returned their feelings is not recorded within the mining board minutes but it's the thought that counts....right?

The Evening Post from New Zealand in 1934 had a whole slew of fascinating bits and bobs.
Have at it HERE.

In keeping in with the moolah angle we swapped from Imperial pounds and pence to dollars and cents on this day in 1966.

More along the money lines (or so those *shocking* cynics would have us believe) the Venerable Archdeacon Broughton was consecrated as Bishop of Oz in 1836.
Ruby/Prada slippers were optional.

In 1942 things weren't all sunshine; the S.S Vyner Brooke was bombed by Japanese aircraft and sunk in Banka Strait resulting in the deaths of 12 Aussie nurses.
31 of the nurses were taken as PoWs with 8 later dying during captivity.

PM Kevvie Rudd, in 2008, made the formal apology to Australian Indigenous people.

And, poor old Captain Cook who started it all by casting his baby blues over our shoreline, in 1779 was done to a turn in the Sandwich Islands aka Hawaii.