Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27 through the years...and Dad is still off on his travels

Yes, I'm doing a marvellous job of absolutely nothing except stare at 4 walls.
Dad will have finished his holiday in the Glen Waverley snowfields by the time this gets posted and he'll be heading off for warmer climes.
The old boy always did complain of cold hands and feet...from all that smoking...the first of which he'll no longer have and the second which he may have some lingering effects.
His little bottle of scotch fell off the top of the fridge yesterday, no one else about, no cats to knock it over.
I said the only thing that came to my mind....
"I told you to drink up, you can't take it with you!"

1886 was the year the Otago Witness solemnly announced that the steam ship Cl!trus was launched at Yarrow for the Australian-Indian trade.
*ahem* Keep it clean!

Melbourne saw the official opening of the Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy in 1927 by HRH Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon aka Duchess of York aka The Queen Mum.
And, yea, Melbournians were moved to thankfulness upon their knees for now their girlfriends could finally learn how to burn water.

In 2001 poor old Aussie Post had to beat back the rabid hoards who were gullible enough to believe legislation was about to be passed like a breakfast prune to allow Aussie Post to charge 5 cents for every email sent.

The Grey River Argus excitedly reported in 1880 that while the banks had reduced their rates for trade discounts measles was rampaging and no one gave a toss about milling oats.


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

LOL about the 5c emails I missed that one.
Hope your dear dad is kicking his heels up somewhere cosy (hugs) ...strange things happen we just can't explain.

Janine said...

clearly your dad was regretting not finishing the bottle and decided if he couldn't no one else could either :-)

If I could turn back time I would love to have gone to the Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy......I bet it was a hoot learning how to be prim and proper and keep a house and cook.

Will be thinking of you and the family today.

Davoh said...

Um, am not making any 'connections' here .. but one of the reasons that am up early is that was woken by the 'clink' of a glass in my sitting room where the fire is. ?? think i, searched the house and discovered that a glass of port that had left on the table last night had been knocked over. No cats here, either. Curious.

peskypixies said...

Obviously he wanted to try and take it with him!!!

Maureen @ OrgasmicChef said...

I doubt I'd have fit in very well at the Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy. I'd have failed sitting with my knees together and other proper things.

Five cents for every email? I remember that. Weren't people upset?

Cazzie!!! said...

Last time I was in Bendigo I went for a counter tea with my Aunt and we won a voucher for $20 for the Drive Thru bottle Shop... thinking I will get a bottle of plonk with that voucher and have a drink for you and I when Pa's wake is happenin'

Thinking of you, Steve and D'Arcy xoxo

Mad Cow said...

He was probably letting you know he'd passed over & saying "cheers, thank-you, I'm ok & I love you" xxx

River said...

I'll bet your dad is having such a great time, he'll never want to come should have put the scotch in his pocket.....

I would have failed at that school too.....prim and proper housekeeping is so not my style.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Ha! Call me a philistine, but if we WERE charged 5c per email, wouldn't that go some way to stopping the endless stream of heartwarming little quotes and stories, never-to-be-repeated offers, the world will end if you don't send this on, and chain letters? And wouldn't that be a good thing?? Just askin'!!

LiD said...

Without spilling a drop? Funny how these things can happen. Comforting I think. I am thinking of you.


His little bottle of scotch fell off the top of the fridge yesterday, no one else about, no cats to knock it over.
I said the only thing that came to my mind....
"I told you to drink up, you can't take it with you!"

Hope you're keeping it handy so he has a reason to visit. Something nice about keeping a small familiar item in just the right place so it can spark a nice memory whenever it catches your eye.