Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last few bits and bobs of Tarnagulla History Walk

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This is the poppet head for the Great Western Mine which was worked from 1938-1942 but without huge riches being found.
The poppet head wheels were installed in 1941 then removed as the Govt wouldn't support a non-essential industry during wartime and these barely-used wheels (only driven to church on a Sunday) are now in the Dunolly Museum.
It was worked again in the 1990s, again with little success.

The Tarnagualla War Memorial, located in the park in the main street.

The remains of the original garden at the Grey House.

This is, or was, the Ebenezer Chapel, Baptist Church built in 1864.

The peaceful setting of the one holer.

This is the remains of one of the dams which held water for the Tarnagulla Gold Estates dredge in the early 1900s (was more of a sluice).

Remains of the boilers used in the sluice.

More industrial remnants.

The Court House built in 1863.

The original police lockup (behind the old police station and residence) which was built in 1869 for a mere £345.

Bubbles appearing from the bed of the Tarnagulla Reservoir.
Yabbies, maybe...?

The Victoria Theatre (built in 1862), in the main street of Tarnagulla, as seen from the Poverty Reef Monument.
Lola Montez performed her infamous Spider Dance here in 1871.

Another of those gorgeous gate posts.

Get along to have a fun time!

Tomorrow I'll pop in some shots of our 14km trek along the Hard Hills Track.


The Elephant's Child said...

Looking forward to the shots of the trek.
All the country war memorials seem to look the same. And it is appalling when you look at them and see how many members of the same family died.

River said...

That Baptist Church looks more like a shopfront. I love that gorgeous old gatepost. What a shame no gold was found there.

Jayne said...

Yep, EC, same at Dunolly, umpteen members of the same families in both wars :(

They think the front to the Baptist church was added after it ceased being a church, River, as it was 'far too fancy for the Baps to approve of or waste money on' as one person remarked lol.

Andrew said...

Boilers and sluice. I will have to think about that.


I'd have hit the like button on all the current, picture filled entries but there aren't any. One good feature from facebook that allows me to give a thumbs up when I have nothing to add to the conversation.

oh wait I just did. ;)