Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24 with a twist

Today, boys and girls, we're playing the game a little differently.
Cos I said so.
And cos I'm the mad old battle axe driving this boat.

April 1834....
Calyute leads a raid by thirty Binjareb on Shenton's Mill in Perth, Westralia. Shenton was locked inside while the flour taken. Calyute, Gunmal and Yedong were later captured. Gunmal and Yedong were tied, flogged with 24 lashes at the St Georges Terrace whipping post.
Calyute was transferred to Fremantle Round House, and there given another 60 lashes and released in May.

'Saturday' leads Aboriginal resistance in the Bathurst area.
August - martial law is proclaimed in the Bathurst area when seven Europeans are killed by Aboriginal people and the conflict is seen as a serious threat. Soldiers, mounted police, settlers and stockmen carry out numerous attacks on Aboriginal people. As many as 100 Aboriginal people are killed. Martial law stops in December.

Battle of Pinjarra.
60-70 Aboriginal men, women and children in the camp had been subjected to intensive fire of 24 guns for an hour, and for another half hour the survivors were hunted through the bush. 

The Aboriginal Legal Service received a government grant of $24,500 for the salaries of a full time solicitor, a field officer and a secretary. The Aboriginal Legal Service was firmly established. They started a 24 hour answering service and in the first twelve months the Aboriginal Legal Service handled over 550 cases, mostly criminal matters. It was an historical act of self-determination.
The Aboriginal Legal Service was the first community-controlled, shop-front, free legal-aid centre in Australia.

On the Canning Stock Route an unrecorded number of Aboriginal men and women were raped and massacred when Mardu people were captured and tortured to serve as 'guides' and reveal the sources of water in the area after being 'run down' by men on horseback, restrained by heavy chains 24 hours a day, and tied to trees at night .

The Bedford Downs Massacre.


  1. Seven Europeans killed, a hundred Aboriginals killed in retaliation.
    Let's turn that around a bit...if seven Aboriginals were killed and in retaliation a hundred Europeans were killed, would it end there?
    No way. Those Aboriginals would be completely wiped out.
    Unfair, unfair, unfair, as is much of our sad history.

  2. I always thought you were twisted, sister!!

    That shows my age, poor musical taste and that it's been a LOOOOONG, LOOOOOONG, day ...