Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 26, 27 and 28 on this day in Oz History

Apologies for the slack old cow riding this broken down blog, but the eyeballs have been misbehaving so I shall shortly have new specs to whip them into shape.

November 26 in Oz History...

1839 And Henry Bryan disappeared from the face of the earth after going for a look-see up the River Murray.
Source and more details of this unlucky chap HERE.

1942 Up in Brisvegas Aussie and US servicemen had a barney with 1 Aussie being shot dead during a 2 day city-wide brawl that was dubbed The Battle of Brisbane.

November 27 in Oz History....

2010 John Brumby (remember him?) lost the general election.

1833 From one end of the political spectrum to the other - Robert Gouger formed the South Australian Association which was to found some colony in southern Oz.

November 28 in Oz History...

1882 Back in Crow-eater Country (cos they've done shedloads to document their history online *ahem* Mr Baillieu) and the Elder Park Rotunda was officially opened.
Go have a stickybeak at this gorgeous Glaswegian pre-fab piece of artwork HERE.

1854 Today saw a group of miners attack military reinforcements in what became known as The Eureka Rebellion.
Rumours of the drummer boy's death were later proven false.

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  1. 1833-Robert Gouger...I wonder if our Gouger Street was named after him?
    The Elder Park rotunda is a very pretty one.