Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29 On This Day in Oz History

Yep, caught up a bit and finally posted ahead of myself.
If that makes sense.
If not....just play Polly and put the kettle on, ta.

The first Holden rolled off the production line at Fisherman's Bend to the joyous squeals of a bajillion investment bankers in cheer leaders uniforms round of sedate applause from a sober audience.

And a couple of crumpets wouldn't go astray.

Today was the day Things Happened...they mayn't have seemed like momentous Things but they went down in history nevertheless.
Then-PM Paul Keating (when he wasn't likening other pollies to limp lettuce) announced that Oz was in the recession "we had to have".

With Vegemite.

ATSIC = Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission was founded.

And lashings of butter.

AARnet, the beginnings of the interwebs in Oz, was established.


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  1. Would you like two crumpets or three?
    And milk in your tea?

    How about another round of recessions? oh wait, that's probably not a good idea.....

  2. I wonder what happened to Paul Keatings Banana Republic?. The 1948FX Holden solid as a rock unlike todays cars that crumple after a slight tap.

  3. I love your photos - and wouldn't mind a crumpet or two either - hold the vegemite.

  4. Oooh, crumpets - they don't have them here and now I want one soaked with butter and honey!

    Ah yes, the recession we had to have. Wonder what he thought of the GFC in 2008?

  5. And Paul the lizard of Oz referred to the Indonesian PM as a recalcitrant and kept on about learning curves, and later felt the queens curves.
    Mud slinging was the big thing, then following Mr Nev Never Wrong Wran was Russia's Mr garbage cart and Queensland's Joh Bonkers bananas.
    Saved at the last Ruddy election from having a Bud Abbott and Lou Costello comedy we now await the demise of MS Gizzard with the sting in her nose.
    As for crumpet never did fancy the taste, so you reckon they were better plastered with butter and honey, If I ever get around to it I might give it a go but definitely not with vegemite. oh dear I think I'll have a beer to neutralize my taste buds.