Sunday, November 25, 2012

On this day in Aussie History November 25

Roll up, roll up, see the mad old cow cringing in the shower with the thumping migraine.
No promises that she'll walk on water or turn that same water into wine but there'll be plenty of the whine to go around and many feet may want to walk...

1981 Pat O’Shane became the first Aboriginal woman to be appointed Head of a State Government Department, heading up the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

1839 Saw the Grand opening of the "NEW" Royal Victoria Theatre.
But not in Victoria.
Over the border in Crow-eater Country, Adelaide South Australia.

1944 Reginald William Saunders MBE became the first Aboriginal officer in the Aussie Army.

2003 New Victorian Supreme Court Chief Justice, Marilyn Warren, becomes the first woman to head an Australian superior court.

1943 Sgt Tom Derrick raises the Australian flag on a shell torn tree at Mount Sattelberg, New Guinea, after having destroyed ten enemy machine-gun posts. His incredible feat earns him the ultimate award for valour, the Victoria Cross.

An Aborigine who collapses after a struggle with police in New South Wales is deliberately not given medical attention and later dies.
Now, go fetch me a shrubbery....

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  1. Ouch on the thumping migraine. It's been a while since I had one of those.
    One shrubbery coming up....
    Is that really true about a collapsed aboriginal not receiving treatment? That's unbelievably bad. Do they not have a conscience?