Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On this day in Oz History November 21

Well met, fellow traveller upon this road of life.
I've reached into The Random Hat of Trivia and yanked forth the following blather to titillate your senses.
Cos I can't very well pass you a cup of Irish Breakfast through the monitor, now can I?

2011 Yep, a whole 12 months ago a well-read article was published which fully explained Why You Shouldn't Donate To The Salvation Army Bell Ringers.

1840 The very first issue of the brand-spanking new Geelong Advertiser was dropped off by the publishing stork; it was the first mainland regional newspaper that is also still printed to this day.

2004 Former Aussie Rules footballer Michael Long set off on a walk from Melbourne to Canberra to raise awareness of the plight of Aboriginal Australians.
This becomes known as The Long Walk.

1936 The smallish puddle of water known as the Hume Dam was officially opened by the Gov-Gen Lord Gowrie.

2005 Michael Clark was kicked to the kerb and dropped from the Aussie team for the 3rd test against the West Indies due to failure to crack the ton since his debut against NZ.

1873 Would you look at that, Mr Baillieu?
They only went and opened the extension of the railway line from Wangaratta to Wodonga.
Tsk. Tsk. It's a good thing you've made sure you won't be caught doing something like that....

And I'll leave you to think about your misdemeanours while you contemplate She Who Must Be Obeyed (below).


  1. Re Salvation Army. Not being Gay this will not affect me. However, re another charity, Legacy, I steadfastly refuse to contribute to this charity, although I served more than actively during WW2 the Korean war and Palestine plus the Suez do in 56. I am an Australian and have documented proof to that.
    So why am I being selfish in not contributing to the needs of Australian ex service personal?

  2. I'm seriously considering a 'where are they now' series on my blog highlighting the tourist attractions that I've experienced that are no more. Weirdly, more than a few of them involve trains!

  3. Anon; Vest was not born and Bred in Oz, but did serve with Aus units WW2 also at Eighteen left Sydney Twice (Two Times if USA Cit) to serve in pacific - was injured as a result.
    But Vest does not have a 'Gold Card' So why should he contribute to and boost the welfare of those who have a gold card?

  4. Vest must therefore be a second class australian citizen and a whinging effing pom

  5. Anon: your's is a classical reply from a first class IDIOT.