Friday, November 23, 2012

On this day in Oz History November 23

Yep, late again.

1946 The Feds had a very cunning plan...that did not involve turnips, but instead was an assisted passage scheme to lure the Brits and Europeans to the shores of the Fair Isle of Oz.

I have no excuse for being late.
Can't exactly claim the dog et my homework.
Well, I could, but let's be honest here...there's only so much of a USB my dog could devour.

1923 Radio station 2SB became the first full-time radio station to broadcast to the shell-like lug holes of the Aussie masses.
These days 2SB is better known as 702 ABC Sydney.

1904 Finishing on this day (yep, desperate for dates today...or ones that won't make you nod off into your weeties) was the Olympic Games in St Louis, USA where the Aussie flag flapped for the first time in front of the coloured rings for the one and only competitor representing the Fair Isle of Oz.

1942 Japanese air raids on Darwin and the nearby Coomalie Creek Airfield.

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  1. I clicked on the link to see the first ever Aussie flag at the Olympics and got taken to a shopping site. Pffft!