Monday, December 3, 2012

On this day in Oz History catch up

Yep, back again after slacking off with mine eyeballs.
The Feral Teen is cleaning out his locker for the end of another school year, the levies have been paid and in my near-future any half-decent palm reader would envision the parting of me from my moolah in school book shops.

November 30...
2011 The state parliament of Queensland passed a civil partnerships bill in a 47–40 vote.
1952 Sister Elizabeth Kenny, smart, clever polio therapist chickybabe dropped off the perch.
1986 Pope Paul held a massive mass for all Crow Eaters at Victoria Park Racecourse.

December 1...
1923 The Townsville to Mt Isa railway, known as The Great Northern Railway, was finally completed in Queensland.
1971 Sir Mark Oliphant became the first South Oz born and bred Governor of that same state.
1948 The Somerton Mystery began with the discovery of an unnamed body on Somerton Beach in South Oz.
Kerry Greenwood's take on the mystery has just been published.

December 2...
1972 After 23 years in the outer the Aussie Labo(u)r Party was voted back into power under the leadership of the mighty Gough Whitlam.
1956 ATN7 Sydney was officially opened.
1920 The Enemy Aliens Act prohibited the entry into the Fair Isle of Oz by any Turks, Germans, Bulgarians, Hungarians and those who generally encouraged the overthrow of the Aussie Govt. from December 2, 1920 for five years.

December 3...
2010 The first of heavy rainfalls lashed down in central QLD causing crop and infrastructure damage in Emerald.
1854 At the impolite hour of 3am police and troops attacked the Eureka Stockade...and a battle ensued. Der.
1999 A Commonwealth appeal against the Croker Island Native Title Claim was dismissed by the full Federal Court.

Enjoy the read...I shall try to work up the enthusiasm for the miles and miles and miles of Chrissy cards I should be scribbling in and then find some time to perhaps do the rest of the history stuffs.