Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14 prattle

Good Lord, 2 days in a row!
I'd best be careful in case this becomes a habit.

Beautiful day here, a mild 23 degrees, so cool and civilised and so, so tolerable!
Thanks, Melbourne, I'll take a whole season of this weather.

We have a new pup, Miss Pip, a Kelpie/Blue Heeler cross.
She was a rescue pup (I won't horrify you with the dreadful details, suffice to say some people need to have done to them what they do to innocent animals) and is such a cheeky, clever monkey of a character she makes us laugh and is good mates with Miss Treacle.
And she's a snuggly baby in bed at night.

Right, on with the blather!

Isobel Mackellar, better known as Dorothea Mackellar who rhapsodised about sunburnt torsos and speedos The Fair Isle of Oz in her poem My Country, popped her clogs on this day after a long period of illness.
I've just read Susan Duncans 2nd memoir The House At Salvation Creek (that I recommend)  which includes many anecdotes about Dorothea Mackellar as The House in the title was originally built as Mackellars retreat.

David Hicks was branded a 'terrorist' by the then Attorney-General of Oz, Daryl Williams.

Gov Hindmarsh got hisself in print when the first printing press in South Oz became operational with the printing of  the Guv's Proclamation  "Establishment of Government".

1950 The Fair Isle of Oz went against the popular trend when Ho Chi Minh declared the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was the only government; Oz barracked for the French-sponsored governement of Emperor Bao Dai.

Colonel David Collins got an invite from George the Third to set up a fun holiday camp establish a settlement with the location, location, location of Collins' choice.

While I'm here I may look into tomorrows date...


  1. Its gunna be hot, damned hot on Thursday around 39C+. I reckon David Hicks was never a terrorist in the first place just a scape goat for the powers to be to look good in the eyes of the public.

  2. I am loving this cool interlude, even though they are predicting a return to hell. Welcome to Miss Pip - our rescue animals have been WONDERFUL. And no, David Hick's was not a terrorist in my book either.

  3. Me too! Loving the cool change I mean. But it is going to heat up again, like Windsmoke said. Blah!
    Writing down...Susan Duncan-The house at Salvation Creek...will look for it. I love your dogs names, Miss Pip and Miss Treacle.

  4. Yep, Windsmoke, Thursday will be a nasty scorcher but (fingers crossed) it's just the one day.

    Thanks, EC, rescue animals are lovely :)
    I agree re David Hicks.

    There was a previous book, River, Salvation Creek, but the 2nd book can be read on its own without needing to read the first.