Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15

The good, the bad and the ugly - these all make up our history, for better or worse, and influence how The Fair Isle of Oz has developed.
Hopefully influencing us for the better.

Queen Liz the 2nd signed on the dotted line to make The Fair Isle of Oz the first Commonwealth Realm to institute its own Victoria Cross in the honours system.

The 'umble suburb of Fitzroy became the birth place of the first saint of Oz when Mary MacKillop was found in the cabbage patch.

Flooding throughout many areas of Victoria.

Baby farmer Frances Knorr was hanged.

Celebrated swimmer Dawn Fraser was the youngest person to be named Aussie of The Year.

The Singleton Aboriginal Boys Home was closed with all remaining inmates transferred to Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Home.


  1. I remember the Dawn Fraser stories in the newspapers that year. I was 11 and 12 depending on which end of the year we're talking about. I admired her swimming ability and sometimes dreamed of being a champion myself, but since all I can do is noisily splash my way across the pool, I don't think I had much of a chance.
    *splash, splutter, gurgle*

  2. I have always liked Dawn, but believe that there are more inspiring people to have as Australian of the Year than sporting heroes. People who improve their community, or the country as a whole. Yes I know, that is a very unOrstrayan attitude.

  3. Dawnie or Mary McKillop surviving her inauspicious start in Fitzroy (then a very dodgy suburb). I'm not religious, but my money's on Mary.

  4. Transferring the Aboriginal lads from the frying pan to the fire, possibly.