Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16 in The Fair Isle of Oz

Hello again!
Having a ball with my research, delving into little dark pockets of history just to regurgitate the findings with you all.
Or...just you, dear reader.
And any other desperado that accidentally lands here.

A patrol of combined NSW Lancers and the Australian Horse were ambushed at Slingersfontein, Cape Colony,  during the Boer War.

Cloncurry in Banana Bender country - that's Queensland to you OS folks - baked a little in the 53.1 degrees C temp of the day.

In a bid to get away from the searing heat Mawson, Mackay and David did a May Pole dance around the Magnetic South Pole.

Grace Sullivan aka the ever-green Lorraine Bayly was dropped off by the stork.

The convicts had painted such an exciting portrait of life in The Fair Isle of Oz that the first free settlers began rocking up.

Annnnnnd I'm off again to pick the eyes out of tomorrows date.
You're welcome.
Even if it's just to cure your insomnia.


  1. We are gunna bake in 40c+ tomorrow maybe we could escape to the Magnetic South Pole and chill out for the day.

  2. I like Windsmoke's idea. Pick me up on your way through, okay?