Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17 Oz doings

More thrills, more spills and more doings than you can poke a stick at.
Or rabbit.
Or tripe and tongue.
Hmmm, rabbit....

Meat was on the agenda or rather the lack thereof when it became rationed on this date.
For more details - and ideas of meat substitutes, like underground mutton, click HERE.

800 striking waterside workers rioted, attacking the non-union labour that was brought in to break the strike, with at least one (later) fatality arising from the conflict that of Mounted Constable Evans.

The media reported that bushfires had spread to the suburbs, coming within 19kms of the Melbourne CBD.

At Morris, South Oz, an UFO was spied flitting across the sky.


  1. We never seem to learn fire history lessons.

  2. Tripe smells like evil, YUK!, YUK!.

  3. When money was tight while I was growing up my father either went out with a gun, or with a fishing rod. I much, much prefered the trout days. I know rabbit is a bit trendy now but it still spells poverty to me. And, even before I became a vegetarian, I hate it.

  4. 1954; UFO was seen in South Aust. What month? That might have been my brother's soul coming in for a landing. he was born in 1954.
    Windsmoke; tripe looks like evil too, don't ask me about the taste, I can't touch it. Yuk indeed.
    We ate rabbit many times, but I never liked it.

  5. I agree, Andrew :(

    Tripe is so trendy now it's scary, Windsmoke!
    Still revolting.

    My son lurves rabbit, EC, we have trouble getting the damn things at butchers.

    It's weird, River lol.