Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19 Around the Isle of Oz

Again I'm tapping this prattle up the night before.
Cos the males of the house are watching some god-awful B grade "comedy-horror" flick that should have been sent to the Haz-Mat landfill.
I won't bother you with the name, I'm saving you minutes of your life you'll never get back.
You're welcome.

The Wild One, our very own original rock n roller Johnny O'Keefe was found in the tulip patch in Sydney.

A double female act, going by the title of Daphne-Fifi got the wind taken from their sails by a big bruiser of a lad named Bruno (no, you fetishists, Daphne did not "finally get with Velma or another chick").
Daphne-Fifi waned and weakened after being brushed aside by Bruno and finally disappeared near the northwest coast.

GTV-9 telly studios in Richmond were officially opened by Gov Sir Dallas Brooks.
Who was grandfather to Jennifer Byrne.
Who is married to Andrew Denton.
Whose father, Kit Denton, wrote a novel about Breaker Morant.
Who once married Daisy Bates, who in turn collaborated with journalist Ernestine Hill who penned a novel based on  the life of explorer Matthew Flinders who ...did something with the coastline of Oz but more importantly had the eminent good taste and sense to hitch his wagon to that of a cat, Trim.

Good lord, I thought I was going to go on forever there, thank goddess for Trim!


  1. I didn't know about the Dallas Brooks connection to Byrne. I remember Kit Denton on tv and he was nothing like his son Andrew.

  2. My mum told me about the connection back in the day before the interwebs...she knew where ALL the bodies were buried, that one lol.

  3. "Trim" sounds like he could have been related to the feline branch of the ewwwwnighted states Palins.

  4. J. O'K was found in a tulip patch?
    That has to be better than a cabbage patch.
    Re 1957 paragraph, nothing like keeping the creativity in the family. Who'd have thought that Debbie Byrne was related to Matt Flinders?