Monday, February 4, 2013

Rocking the Cheesy Mac...and spam

First off apologies for those who lurve to comment anonymously - particularly those of the spam variety - you cannot leave comments here anymore.
After wading through 145 spam drivel comments awaiting my tick of approval (that is NOT counting the bajillion caught in the spam filter) I've changed the settings.
So, pony up the ID and talk to me.
Or not.

This is NOT a sponsored post!

As for the Mac 'n' Cheese...hmmmmm.
Was inspired to make what had previously been a dish that had not crossed my lips nor sullied my pots 'n' pans when Heston Blumenthal made the sauce without a roux and included white wine.

Hmmm, Heston...the geek chef every gel wants in her, um, kitchen.

Sadly, I discovered my store of white wine had...evaporated *ahem* but I soldiered on regardless and made it without any substitute.

Boiled the water, chucked in the macaroni pasta.

Sauteed a diced onion and diced bacon rashers.

Boiled up up litre of water, turned off the heat, chucked in a family-sized packet of chicken noodle soup.
Yes, I cheated...the chicken stock had apparently evaporated, too.

Grated up Chilli Pecarino cheese, Cheddar and Smoked Vintage cheeses into a bowl (nfi the volume, just a shedload of cheese, guestimate of ?500 gms?) then sprinkled 2 dessert spoons of corn flour into the bowl and stirred so it coated the cheese.

Gently and slowly added the cornflour-coated cheese into the hot chicken noodle soup/stock, stirring the pot until the whole lot was combined.
Tossed in the onion and bacon, stirred, then poured over the now drained macaroni pasta.

At this stage I plated up and the Tribe threw it down their throats as fast as a Hummingbird on steroids.
Tonight we're having the seconds hot on a bed of salad, topped with a little parmasan cheese and chopped chives.


  1. Hummingbirds on steroids had me giggling so fast... hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!

  2. It sounds......interesting.....not sure I'll ever try it though.

  3. Wine and cheese = always works.

    Chicken noodle soup = always works. I use it all the time!

  4. Too rich for me, too much of that would have me farting all day.

  5. I'm staying away from carbs. They glom onto my hind end in an oh so unattractive way. I've been ignoring this for years, but now that I am working that hind end off in a gym, I feel strongly about not working any harder at it than absolutely necessary.

  6. Oh, and spam has been driving me absolutely nuts. I get so much CRRRAAAP that it's hardly worth wading through any mroe.

  7. um, am just saying hello ..

    Self remains alive.