Monday, March 11, 2013

Auditions for The Mikado

Auditions for principal characters of 'The Mikado' will be held on Wednesday, April 10 at Rachel Buckley's property. 

Please ring Rachel on 0354681858 or email to arrange a 15 minute audition. 
The panel will consist of musical director, director and pianist. 
There will be no auditions for the chorus ... all are welcome to join in.

Rehearsals commence on Wednesday, April 24, from 7 to 9:30 pm at the Dunolly Uniting Church. There will be 25 Wednesday rehearsals and 15 Sunday rehearsals, starting from June 30 from 2 to 5 pm. 

The performance will be in the Savoy Gardens on Saturday, October 12 at 2 pm.

Nanki-Poo ... The Mikado's son, disguised as a wandering minstrel.
Koko ... The Lord High Executioner.
Pooh Bah ... Lord High Everything Else.
Pish Tush ... A Noble Lord.
Yum Yum ... School girl.
Pitti Sing ... School girl.
Peep Bo ... School girl.
Katisha ... An elderly lady, in love with Nanki-Poo.


  1. Not into giblet and sullagevan.

  2. I love the Mikado!
    I saw it here in Adelaide, the comedy one done by Simon Gallagher and Jon English and the rest of the cast. Loved it so much I bought the DVD. I even went backstage after and got Jon English to sign my program, sadly I no longer have it.
    Will you play Katisha?

  3. I shall be the Head chopper offer in retalliation to the beheading of our pilots captured in WW2.playing the part of a jap geek would not appeal to me, but a slice of Cho cho san between the sheets very likeable.

  4. Oh and David from third world county would make a great 'Night Soil collector'.