Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tight Arse Menu for 7/3/2013 at the FABULOUS Royal Hotel, Dunolly

 $$$$$ 10.00 per head $$$$$$$$$$$
Tight Arse Menu for tomorrow is here

Sticky Apricot & Orange Chicken with Rice with salad
Tomato Bacon and Bocconcini Gnocchi Bake with salad
Beef Involtini with Capsicum and Feta with salad
Whiting with chips and salad

Hazelnut Mud Cake with Cream

phone 5468 1313 to book

Don't forget we also have takeaway meals available ph 5468 1313 to order


  1. Dessert is all I can have from the tight-arse menu. How sad. Never mind.

  2. yummmmm. Just found out this arvo that I have a reflux problem, so no citrus along with a few other things for me at the moment. Damn it all cos that apricot and orange chicken was calling to me. The rest looks good too. BTW thanks for the xmas card. I owe you a wee letter, and kept your address, so I can return one to you. Give me a week and you should find some happy mail in ya letterbox. BTW loved the wee teapot card and tea you sent. Funny thing is customs opened it this end, rolling eyes but they still let me have it lol.

  3. Takeaways now? Woo-hoo!
    If I phone within the next five minutes do you think they could get dinner here by 6pm tomorrow?
    Beef Involtini with the hazelnut mudcake for dessert.

  4. No, wait, make that tomato, Bacon and Bocconcini Gnocchi bake.

    Or maybe....heck, I'll have one of everything and put two in the freezer.

  5. I'll have the Tomato Bacon and Bocconcini Gnocchi Bake with salad as my entree; then the Whiting with chips and salad as my main and two serves of the Hazelnut Mud Cake with Cream, please!

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  7. Everything in the menu suggests weight gain, only a super pancreas could cope with it.