Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tight Arse Menu March 28 2013 Royal Hotel, Dunolly

Thursdays Tight Arse Menu
Choose one of the mains....

Salmon Patties
Slow cooked Indian Beef
Pasta Boscaiola
Mexican Chicken
Then add in
Poached Pear in Spiced Red Wine with Ice Cream

For only
$10.00 per head
Ph 5468 1313


Vest said...

Indian, Red or Sub/Cont?

I'll have the salmon, recently some those cows neighed and wore a saddle, those euro's have had plenty to beef about recently with supermarkets flogging a dead horse lasagne.

River said...

Oooh, tough decision this time.
Salmon Patties or Pasta Boscaiola.
I know! A Salmon Patty entree, followed by Pasta Boscaiola.
Must remember to wear elastic waisted clothes.