Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tight Arse Menu @ The Royal Hotel, Dunolly 9/05/2013

$10.00 per head for a TWO course meal!!!
Can't get more Tight Arse or more value!

Vegetable, Bacon and Risoni Soup

Choose from one of the mains -

Bangers and Mash
Chicken Agrodolce
Pork, Sage and Parmesan Burger
Ricotta and Lentil Cannelloni

Phone 54681313


  1. Yummo. The Ricotta and Lentil Canneloni sounds very, very good.

  2. You wouldn't have a tight arse after eating that lot, well not for too long

  3. Here is my favourite, it's called "Blank week clear out the fridge Special".

    9 1 inch cubed pcs pumpkin.
    I.5 carrots cut into chunks.
    1 large parsnip cut into chunks.
    1 large tomato already squashed.
    I medium sized red onion chopped.
    2 sticks of Celery chopped.
    3 Brussels sprouts sliced.
    1 small turnip diced.
    9 smallmushrooms halved.
    2 chopped Bacon rashers (no fat)
    800 ? grams of cold roast pork diced (no fat).
    1 lge tea spoon heaped with Keens curry powder.
    Several different herbs.
    1 chicken,and 1 beef OXO cube.
    300 mls water.(Mix Ingredients)
    Cooked on high in 750 M/wave in a 3litre closed glass dish, add gravy powder 1.5 tablespoons later when cool , stir well return to m/w for another 8 to 10 minutes. Deicious I hope or I am in serious strife.

    Cost miniscule.

    Delete pork and bacon if Hal al or Kosher, add chook thighs (no fat) instead plus add more curry(lots of it)
    best of luck Vest.

  4. Yer, well .. recently had the pleasure of a Pub meal in Berrigan NSW. $10.00.

    Barrumundi with sauce (and mashed potatoes). Edible. (had to ask fer that, gums still tender).

    The point here, is that the publicans in small towns around this vast Australian landscape listen to their customers. Cannot tell you how much i prefer to spend my money there.

  5. I'll try the risoni soup thanks.

    Not sure about Vest's "clear out the fridge special", it sounds a lot like my mum's Friday night "savoury mince", which had any old leftovers in the fridge added to fried mince then the whole mess thickened with gravy. Horrible sloppy stuff that my kids refused to even touch. I never ate it either...