Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dunolly Reunion 26th October 2013

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!!

Get thy pencils out and mark yon dance cards for a Dunolly Reunion for all at the most Fabulous Place at The Centre of The Universe - Dunolly!

26th Oct 2013

We will be having a BBQ tea at the footy sheds catered by the DFNC. 
Price to be determined at a later stage, the bar will be open and run by cricket club.
So...get on your bikes...
 photo Vector-Image-Bicycle-Men-GraphicsFairy2_zps7e4497ad.jpg

Get your glad-rags ready...
 photo Iron-Stock-Image-GraphicsFairy_zps20abe463.jpg

Be prepared for a good natter with friends...over tea or other beverages...
 photo Vintage-Image-Cat-TeaCup-GraphicsFairy_zps4b1a96a3.jpg

Don't be surprised at any high jinks and outrageous frivolity!!!
 photo Circus-Hourse-Silhouette-GraphicsFairy2_zps87fb733e.jpg

And make sure you get thee along to the great event!

 photo 5865439c-6c8f-4841-9d57-30a12caa3ec0_zpsbcdb2c0b.jpg

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  1. I'll mark my calendar but can't make any promises.