Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10 On this day in Aussie History

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.
Or not.

Got stuck until midnight watching a horror fill-um titled Grave Encounters; was a bit ok in parts, plot ok-ish, actors good but the whole viewed-through-a-shaky-handheld-camera-in-night-vision to enhance the special FX has been done to death.
If you like the whole haunted mental asylum filled with murderous ghosts, then it's for you.

Just had a gander at the Brambuk Weather Calendar and it is so spot on!
I've been observing Spring (or Pre-Spring as the calendar lists it) in Dunolly since June; blossoms emerging on trees, bees going super nuts, flowers prancing about, birds building nests, ducks...doing what ducks do to get bubba ducks, etc.

It's National Bookshop Day!
Get into your local and grab yourself a copy of this brilliantly written book, Girt; The Unauthorised Biography of Australia.

Railway holds the line on history  ......Displays and events to mark the centenary of the Gheringhap-Cressy-Maroona railway will be held at Ararat Railway Heritage Museum, Westmere Public Hall, Mount Elephant, Derrinallum History Rooms, Cressy Historical Centre and Cressy Public Hall, from 10am-5pm on Saturday, August 10.

 1997 - Collier Bay in WA was rockin' with the best of them when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake shifted the best china about ....and there was a 'baby' one of 3.4 felt in Branxton just yesterday.

1973 - The Mother of Rock passed away;  Lillian Roxon, Aussie journo, feminist, pioneer of rock music writing, penned the world's first encyclopedia of rock music, died from an asthma attack in her New York apartment. Read more about this fabulous chickybabe HERE.

1890 - The Hawthorn to Kew Junction Railway leg of the branch line opened and was such a success it was kicked to the kerb in 1957.  Have a stickybeak HERE at some old maps and photos of the actual railway and stations, beautifully captured before it was all demolished.


  1. "Girt, the unauthorised..." etc is on my list in my bag and today I was in the city, walked past two bookshops and forgot to stop in. Aaargh! I'll have to go back tomorrow.

  2. "Mount Elephant, Derrinallum History Rooms". Really? Must ring my friend who lives there. He has never mentioned the History Rooms.