Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11 On this day in Australian History

Ahh, another lovely day started with a massive tug o war game with Miss Pip and one of the Feral Teens socks.
Personally I wouldn't be game to put my mouth anywhere near something that has been on his foot (smelly Teen footage) but Miss Pip isn't so fussy.
She's managed to clear out a great many pairs of socks that should have gone to the nuclear waste dump , and great many others that were still salvagable (albeit at a 40 foot bargepole range with full HazMat suit insitu) so I kinda like her methods.

1956 - They weren't quite singing The Monkees song "Last Train To Clarksville" but there was no doubt a dirge in the air when the last train ran on the Clarkfield to Lancefield line today.

1985 - Aussie band Kids In The Kitchen were rockin The Tivoli in Sydney.

1824 - Today NSW was constituted as a Crown Colony ; this was supposed to be the 'first step toward responsible government'.
Oh, how we laugh!
And wait for that moment to arrive...

1869 - The Randwick Ripple Riders were bobbing about in excitement in their fashionable neck to knee bathing suits when the effects of a tsunami (from climes unknown) puddled about the NSW coastline.

I give you Feral Teen...feeding a baby pigeon he found fallen from the nest after high winds. The bird would only eat mush from his mouth. Sadly, the baby eventually had to be put down as it was dying. We are certain it caught nothing nasty from the Feral Teen.  photo Dunollypups168.jpg

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  1. A sadness about the pigeon.
    At first glance I was uncertain whether the FT was about to eat it, or was using it as a microphone...