Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12 On this day in Aussie History

Yes, I'm a tad late with this one having had a lazy day watching the idiot box, walking the furbabies around the block and trotting up the to the shops to glimpse other human beings.
Strange critters.
The humans, not the furbabies.

Watched the 'debate' where they didn't actually debate each other...just answered questions with same tired trotted out slogans (stop the boats, conscious vote, rail infrastructure, more roads) and same policies that are out there in the aether already.
Make it a proper debate with ALL the parties involved, let's hear from all of them what are waving their hands shouting "Pick Me! Pick Me!"
Otherwise it's great for crochet...and reading my copy of Girt by David Hunt!

1920 - Louisa Lawson, feminist, suffragette, editor, writer, poet, popped her clogs today.
She's probably better known these days as Her What Spawned writer and poet Henry Lawson but she was a powerful and talented personality in her own right.

1921 - a year to the day after Louisa shuffled from this mortal coil the Australian Federation of Women Voters was founded by Bessie Rischbieth, which would have made Henry's mum proud.
The AFWV immediately successfully lobbied PM silly Billy Hughes to have chickybabes included in delegations to the League of Nations Assembly.

1806 - Captain Philip Gidley King hung up his hat as 3rd Governor of NSW and made way for the incoming boss, Captain William Bligh....which all ended in tears but that's another story.

1974 - Iconic band Jethro Tull was rockin' around the Fair Isle of Oz and over the ditch in NZ; on this date they were actually on the Christchurch Town Hall stage, having a ball-tearer of a time.

1829 - Perth was pupped as a place.

1971 - A ruckus in the ranks saw PM Billy McMahon kick former-PM John Gorton to the kerb for daring to complain in the media about gossipy leakers in the cabinet when he was ruling the Isle Girt By Sea.

I shall leave you with this lovely snap of Colleen Hewitt gracing the Royal Hotel in Dunolly.
  photo Dunollypups145.jpg


  1. Colleen is good for her age. Pity about her politics.

  2. You have much more intestinal fortitude than I do. I just cannot watch our politicians on the screen without resorting to bad language and the strong urge to throw things. So I don't watch them.
    And I would like to put rather a lot of them ON the boats.

  3. I'm ignoring anything political on TV. I knew the debates would be just as you have described. Why bother having them at all when there isn't any real debating going on? Silly pollies. They're like a bunch of schoolyard boys.

  4. I honestly know nothing of her politics, Andrew....doesn't sound good!

  5. I needed something to help me sleep, EC lol.
    Yes, I'm sure we could squeeze quite a number of them ON the boats ;)

  6. Described perfectly, River, schoolyard boys.

  7. Nup. Me neither. But she is looking good for her age.
    Wait a minute... does she have blonde hair and brown eyes?