Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14 On this day around the traps in Aussie History

What a wild old day this has turned out to be!
The next door neighbours trees have been shedding large limbs at a great rate of knots these past couple of weeks and we have more on our side of the fence than they do.

Thought it wise not to walk the furbabies again today after they almost did a Mary Poppins in the backyard - the chooks thought it was hilarious until they scurried into the henhouse to avoid the next blast of wind.
No bum nuts today.

1980 - Union drillers refused to work the rig at Noonkanbah in support of Aboriginal claims it was a sacred site.

1875 - today The Queenslander newspaper reported on the first ever game of "London Association Football" (soccer to us mugs) played in Brisvegas between the Brisbane Football Club and the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum who fielded a team made up of both inmates and warders.
Apparently the match had taken place a week earlier on August 7 but the journos took their time getting around to commenting on it.

1900 - The Boxer Rebellion in China was called to a halt; 460 Aussies had served in the conflict with 6 being killed.

1891 - Johnny Mullagh, one of the 13 Aboriginal Cricketers to tour England, died at his birth place of Harrow, Victoria.


  1. Windy days make the cats (and me) a tad feral. I hope fallen branches is the extent of your damage.

  2. I don't mind the wind, as long as it isn't blowing rain into my face. I hope you don't get any damage from fallen branches etc.

  3. 'No bum nuts today' made me laugh like a loon