Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17 Stuff wot 'appened in Oz History on this day

The hubby is snoring, the furbabies are slumbering, the male child is somewhere under the doona on the couch mumbling to himself, the chooks are telling off the wild birds stealing their seed, the wind is NOT blowing and crappy back is feeling not so crappy today.
And there is a coffee in front of me.
Ahhh, this Blogger's in her Heaven and all's right with the world.

Gawd, what a trial to find something to decent to regurgitate for this date!

NT celebrating the new intervention laws in 2007?
Azaria Chamberlains disappearance in 1980?
West Australian Institute of Technology opening in 1966?
The Battle of Long Tan beginning with Aussie Operations being fired upon by the Viet Cong with mortar and shell in Nui Dat in 1966?
118 Kiwi PoWs killed when the Italian ship they were aboard, Nino Bixio, was torpedoed by a Brit sub in 1942?
The Female Orphan School being opened by Gov King with The Whipping Parson, Marsden, speechifying in 1801?
The South Australian Register fish-wrapper getting all hot and heavy over the fact a route had been driven betwixt and between Port Phillip and South Oz in 1839?
A History Summit was held at Parliament House in Canberra in 2006?
Chris Watson, 3rd PM of Oz, (and Labour leader - note the spelling!) booted from the office not quite four months after landing the Big Chair in 1904?

There you go, I found nothing to tickle your fancy.

Go watch a LOL Cat.


  1. Oh happy day... and it's not even the 13th of whatember!

  2. Perhaps ... perhaps not.

    This satellite interconnection thingo ... oops, 240 volt blackout via 'servers'. Not t worry, can find alternatives ... heh.

  3. Au contraire, quite interesting, especially the own goal by British sub in 1942.