Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18 Stuff that made history on this day

Hello, hello, hello!
Blustery, windy, wild and woolly does not even begin to describe the weather here at the moment.
I have made An Important Decision and called off all doggie walks and ambulatory exercise out of doors today.
Therefore, I warn you not to fear when you hear subsequent screeching and much gnashing of molars when I park my arse in the bike saddle this arvo (it's propped on a trainer a la exercise bike style).
 Treacle and Pip have curled up to sleep on the couch, they're not arguing with my call.

 1969 - At a casual get together in Ringwood, Victoria of deer hunters it was suggested that they form a Proper and Correct Deer Hunting Association.
So, later on, they did.

1904 - Oz PM Chris Watson, having lost the Big Chair the day before, took his bat and ball then left the job to George Reid.

1966 - The Battle of Long Tan erupted resulting in 18 dead and 24 wounded after hours of savage warfare.
Today is Vietnam Veterans Day.

1971 - Both New Zealand and Australia announced they would begin withdrawing troops from Vietnam.

1786 - It was a Friday and Lord Sydney was wishing he could have an early mark for a long weekend so he dashed off a memo to the Treasury to state that Botany bay would an absolutely bonza spot to drop off the felons currently crowding the poor, overworked penal system.

Now, I must toddle off, the hubby has whipped up a lovely fresh salad and I have to apply fire to a piece of fish and a stray snag for our lunches.


  1. All honour to the Vietnam Vets. And how interesting that we announced our withdrawal from Vietnam on the anniversary of Long Tan.

    And have a wonderful lunch. (and ride)

  2. But our losses were almost nothing compared to the loss of Vietnamese life. Australian or Vietnamese, someone's son, someone's husband...the horror of war.

  3. We have the same blustery weather, with rain. I'm loving it!
    Fired fish and snags sounds great, I'll bring my favourite fork.
    My first hubster was/is a Vietnam Vet.

  4. I shouldn't ask what a snag is, should I?

  5. Thanks, EC.
    The lunch was lovely, the ride....hmm.

  6. Indeed, Andrew, no one wins in war except the armament producers.

  7. Better bring more than a fork, River, it goes fast!

  8. Snag is a sausage, Brian.
    You're quite safe this time ;)

  9. Deer Hunting Society is only 44 years old? Or as I call it, 29?