Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19 Trip, trap, trip, trap over the wooden bridge...

"Who's that trip trapping over my wooden bridge?" roared the troll.
I'm not Mother Goose and I'm certainly not going to impart what little wisdom there remains in my scone via the Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Go read it yourself while I gargle some coffee and see what trip traps over my own wooden bridge.

1977 - Westralia was inundated by broad shorts and speedos in Port Sampson, Cape Leveque and Dampier due to waves from a tsunami that began in the Sunda Islands.

There was an old woman tossed up in a basket
Seventy times as high as the moon,
Where she was going I could not but ask it,
For in her hand she carried a broom.
Now, I'm sorry but I must disagree with this nonsense.
A woman in space?
This smacks of feminism, told to wee children to brainwash them into thinking women might be equal to men.
Next thing they'll have us believing woman can run huge corporations, vote, become politicians and even be leader of this country!

 1930 - At the stroke of 10pm the two halves of the Beloved Coat hanger aka Sydney Harbour Bridge were joined in Unholy Matrimony never to be cast asunder unless a Sharknado or Ice Quake happens along.

1907 - The Westralia No. 1 Rabbit-Proof Fence was finally completed on this day, taking.
Oh no it wasn't, despite numerous sites stating this claim.
Trawling through Trove and all sorts of websites to finally discover some reliable research and documentation on this event;
Eastern (No. 1) Rabbit Proof Fence (PWD Supervision)
By May, 1904, private contractors had completed the construction of the Eastern (No.
1) Rabbit Proof Fence from the south coast to 250 miles north of Burracoppin. Mr
Anketell was appointed as Superintendent in April of that year, but it was not until the
20th August the first gang continued the fence construction further north. The No. 1
fence was finally completed by the 20th September, 1907, and during construction
four gangs were involved. The distance from Starvation Boat Harbour on the south
coast to Cape Keraudren on the south end of the Ninety Mile Beach took about 5
years and 10 months to construct. Source; History of The State Vermin Barrier Fences by JS Crawford.

1820 - Werriwa or Lake George as it is dubbed was, despite being over a million years old and frequented by numerous Indigenous people over thousands of years, 'discovered' by ex-convict John Wild(e).
Werriwa means 'bad water' as the lake is almost as salty as seawater.
Hmm, yum.


  1. Telling children scandalous lies that imply women can DO things should be a flogging offence. Or is it already?

  2. I like that little poem about the woman. I'm one of those who think women can do or at least try everything they choose to. I've even been known to say so to small children.

  3. Feminist propaganda or not, I notice she still had her broom with her. Even in space it's up to women to do the housework, it seems.