Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21 in Oz History with a side serving of vented spleen

Yes, the fight continues to save the Dunolly Mobile Library service - a state of the art, brand-spanking-new (2 yrs old) purpose-built truck that carries more than 4,000 items (books, CDs, DVDs, childrens play pod, laptops for internet, etc) be replaced with a van carrying less than 2,000 items, no childrens play pod, items to be wheeled out onto a footpath in all weathers or disrupt the long-standing rentals of the Town Hall to set up inside (incurring a further cost) when wet.

1987 - The Bairnsdale to Orbost railway line was terminated for good on this day.

It appears the Mobile Tool Library has already been 'lost' as there are no drivers to be had to convey the trailer-load of tools from Maryborough to Dunolly.
But, according to the person on the phone anyone from Dunolly is welcome to come into Maryborough to borrow the tools.
Ummm....doesn't that defeat the purpose of a MOBILE Tool Library?
And doesn't that also defeat the purpose of the funding of the Australian Government's Healthy Communities Initiative ?

1924 - Those crow Eaters in South Oz had begun dabbling with the Black Magic known as The Wireless; broadcasting music from the Grosvenor Hotel receivers all over Adelaide and some ships in the Port Adelaide and Outer Harbour were gettin' their groove on.

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This is the letter announcing the change.
Please note there is no referral to community consultation as there has been NONE.
Also note the claim that the Maryborough Library has been involved in the development of this van - having spoken to the lady in charge of library services myself I can say this is a Furphy.
Maree Stevenson had very little knowledge of the idea, she was not consulted or discussed the development of this concept, she has made no decisions nor been asked to contribute in any way.

1842 - Hooray and Huzzah!
Hobart was proclaimed a CITY on this day which immediately rendered it sooooo last week's fashion for the convicts.

Also, please note - the Go Goldfields projects, of which there are several, have been funded by the Victorian State Government under the Regional Growth Fund to the tune of $2.5 million and which they are, I have been reliably informed, meeting their targets in regular reports.
Why would the shire need to redirect library funds to the Go Goldfields (2 separate entities) when the Go Goldfields has been adequately funded?

1984 - The Federal Budget was televised for the first time and - oh! - a bajillion babies were pupped 9 months after the date.
No there wasn't, I made that last bit up; everyone was either too rattled and revved up by the budget being on the idiot box or deep in a coma to give a thought about procreating for the country.

 Interesting to note the claim in the letter that "Literacy, Learning and Leisure" has been across the shire when there has been bugger all and nothing seen in Dunolly, in fact the head teacher at Dunolly Pre-School has not seen, heard nor had any consultation with anyone regarding the early literacy initiative under the Go Goldfields alliance for the past 2 years it has been running.
What she has witnessed is the purpose-built mobile library truck drive to the kinder, get parents and kids on board to explore the books and to have a story read to them, all with great effect.

Save the Dunolly Mobile Library Service!
Protest Rally Thursday 22nd August
At the Dunolly Town Hall
Several media representatives will be present!
Photo op!


  1. Mobile Tool Library? We have a Mobile Council van. That's full of tools.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Brian :)

  3. Shameful.

    Soooo important that we recognise local government in our constitution [not].

  4. Of course there was no community consultation, "they" knew very well the community would be against such a move by about 500%.