Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22 Protest Rally to save Dunolly Library Truck 3pm Dunolly Town Hall

Yes, folks, the fight has only just begun with a protest rally organised for today at 3pm outside the Dunolly Town Hall.
Hoping plenty of councillors and the Central Goldfields Shire CEO Mark Johnston are attending, including Go Goldfields General Manager Sharon Fraser who has made the dreadful decision to downgrade the mobile library truck to a Guerrilla Van.

1894 - If you can't stand the political heat....!
Rev Alexander Robert Edgar got his knuckles rapped when he was called to the Legislative Assembly Chamber to account for his shocking sermons which had dared criticise *gasp* the lewd behaviour of Victorian Parliamentarians and they way in which they lost the Parliamentary Mace!
For any brothel owner - if you happen upon said Mace, please return to Spring Street.

1770 - Lieutenant Cook tripped over the east coast of The Fair Isle of Oz and claimed it all for himself...and his king and country, having failed to discuss this with the Indigenous people.
Then, later, was dealt a nasty little mischief in Hawaii.

1956 - The great Murray River rose 30 feet 6 3/4 inches and flooded many towns in 3 states, including areas that were 100kms from the natural flow of the river.
Wentworth , on the junction of both the Murray and Darling rivers, was saved due to the wonderful little workhorses the Fergie TE20 tractors which were used to create a levee around the town that kept water at bay for months.
A monument to these tenacious tractors was unveiled with the Town Clerks words,
"By God, and by Fergie, we beat the floods."

All of this 'unconnected' history goes to prove that we are a fighting lot, we won't take high handed decisions to remove our services without question and we will keep fighting, questioning and holding our own when we get our backs up.
Save the Dunolly Library Truck!
Protest rally 3pm today!
Make your voices heard!


  1. I love the rally - and hope that justice and a bit of common sense (which sadly isn't common) prevails.

  2. Last time I was in Echuca on a lower wharf, I could not believe how high the upper ones were. It was unimaginable that the river could be that high, but I am sure the upper ones were built for a purpose.