Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23 On this day in Oz History, The fight continues to save Dunolly Mobile Library service

Yep, I'm gonna keep on keeping on with the news to save the Dunolly Mobile Library service as it currently exists.
Yesterdays protest rally was successful with several media outlets being present as well as the Bendigo Advertiser covering it the day before.
WIN TV news was present with a sound byte from the mayor saying council has been misled by a shire officer on the matter.

1872 - Two blokes were sitting in a stinking hot tin hut in the middle of nowhere that had been daubed with the moniker Beltane when, at 1pm, the telegraph began chitter-chattering at them like a demented woodpecker to let them know the first part of the new Overland Telegraph Line was in business.

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Let the councillors know what you think about the decision to replace the existing mobile library service with a van on the following numbers:
Cr Geoff Lovett Maryborough Ward
E: mail@cgoldshire,
P: 0428 307 800
Cr Barry Rinaldi (Mayor) Maryborough Ward
E: mail©
P: 0419 558 754
Cr Wendy Melvor Maryborough Ward
P: 0408 363 582
Cr Paula Nixon Maryborough Ward
E: mail©
P: 0438 535 685
Cr John Van Beveren Paddys Ranges Ward
P: 0429 312 988
Cr Ian Robertson Tullaroop Ward
E: mail©
P: 0428 571 846

You will note there is currently no representative of Flynn Ward, the ward effected by this decision, as there is a by-election being held this Saturday to replace the unfortunately very ill former Cr John Smith.
Interesting to note the coincidence of the timing...!

 1972 - The NSW Director-General of Education gave the thumbs up to remove the portion of the Teachers' Handbook which allowed for principals to refuse school enrollment of Aboriginal children based on their home conditions or any opposition from within the school community.

Next Tuesday there is council meeting at 7pm  in the Community Hub 48 Burns Street Maryborough during which council will be making a decision on this 'Guerrilla Van' concept.
Be there!
Be loud, proud and fight for your right to choose your own adventure in a library book! 

1966 - 47 years ago today the famous Wave Hill walk off took place when Aboriginal stock men were fed up with being rewarded with 3 meals of beef, dry bread and tea mixed with a little sugar daily but no wages for their 12 hour working days of herding big mobs of cattle across hot, dusty scrubby country by horseback.

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Sign the petition!!!
If you're not able to drop it off in person scan it, print it, sign it, post it to The Welcome Record Town Hall, 85 Broadway Dunolly 3472
email it to
by  Monday, 26 August, 2013 as they want to present the petition to the council meeting on Tuesday 27 August.

Closure of the Goldfields Library Corporation Mobile Library Service from Bendigo to Dunolly, Bealiba and Moliagul by Central Goldfields Shire Council from 3 October 2013.
To the Central Goldfields Shire Council
The Petition of the residents of Dunolly, Moliagul, Bealiba, Betley, Bromley and surrounding districts
Point out to the Council that:
We, the undersigned residents of Central Goldfields Shire and Mobile Library Service users humbly
petition Central Goldfields Shire Council to overrule the decision made by Ms Sharon Fraser, General
Manager of Go Goldfields, to replace the quality Mobile Library Service provided by the Goldfields
Library Corporation with an inferior option to be offered through the Maryborough Library. Her decision
is ill-informed, ill-judged, made without community consultation and without discussion and approval by Council.
The unilateral decision to remove the existing Mobile Library Service to Bealiba, Moliagul and Dunolly was made at a time when residents of Flynn Ward have no Council representation.
The Mobile Library is well patronised and offers a high quality and responsive service in a well-stocked, state-of-the-art van. There is space to socialise and browse in comfort. The proposed replacement is a downgraded option for Flynn Ward and neighbouring residents.
The petitioners therefore request that the Central Goldfields Shire Council Require Go Goldfields to have further thought and consultation to establish how that program can effectively meet its aim within the Flynn Ward to ‘a focus on prevention and early intervention, Go Goldfields involves families to deliver improved literacy for children aged 0 – 8 years; building speech and language skills to provide a great start to learning’. (CGSC website) It should not be done by taking the funds from a well-established, successful and cost-effective service that is patronised by people of all ages.

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  1. printed, signed and ready to post, but it won't get there by Monday, so I'll email it as well.