Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24 On this day in Oz History

Yep, I'm late, been having a go s-l-o-w day from the moment I opened le baby blues this morning before sparrow fart to the dulcet tones of hubby's chainsaw snoring until now.
No matter how much coffee I throw down my gullet I just can't get revved up today so you get the sedated version.
Lucky you.

1951 - The Reedy Creek Ripple Riders were out in force when the effects of a tsunami from Taiwan lapped at the NSW coast.

I've been so distracted I've made 2 cakes since I started this post and one has been fished out of the oven only slightly faulty.
Chocolate icing covers a multitude of sins.

1942 - An eighteen year old shearer from Nindigully, QLD joined the RAAF; Leonard Waters (who passed away on this date in 1993) went on to become the only known Aboriginal RAAF fighter pilot in his Kittyhawk named Black Magic in the 78 Kittyhawk Fighter Squadron.

2001 - The so-called Tampa Crisis began with the captain of the MV Tampa rescuing 438 men, women and children from a sinking boat.

Now, having had several chats on the phone I will finally post this drivel and check I haven't burnt the fruit loaf cake.


  1. Yay for Leonard Waters. It must have been very hard for him.
    And boo and hiss about the Tampa Crisis (and indeed our treatment of asylum seekers then and now).

  2. Burnt fruit cake is likely to be dry in the middle. Cut off the burnt bits, soak the rest in sherry or whatever you have handy and make a trifle.