Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26 On this day in Aussie History and stuff

The feral Teen got off to school with little nagging on my part and more actin on his!
Small win.
Beautiful sunny day, ready to attack the house; no, not housework, wash your mouth out!
Moving furniture, chucking stuff, sorting stuff and generally stuffing stuff.

2004 - Victorian Premier Steve Bracks introduced the Recognition of Aboriginal People Bill to amend the Constitution Act to grant formal recognition of Aboriginal People and their contribution to the State of Victoria.

1966 - Harry Chan was the first ethnic Chinese (despite being born in Darwin in 1918) elected Mayor of Darwin and President of the Legislative Council.

2002 - Aboriginal Elder Alby Clarke, aged 67, began a 3,300 km bike ride from Perth to Warrnambool, Victoria which he called the Ride for Reconciliation; after developing Type II Diabetes Alby began running marathons and competing in cycle events, this and a healthy diet helped him beat his disease.

Well, there ya go, a somewhat positive day in Oz history, no bloodshed or tears unless you count the forthcoming furniture shifting nonsense I have planned.

Don't forget to sign the petition to save the Dunolly Mobile Library, Council meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at the HUB in Maryborough.

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  1. A very, very positive day. And I hope it continues with the furniture removal caper.

  2. I used to love shifting furniture around and getting a different look. unfortunately I can no longer do this, not only do I have physical restrictions, I also have space restrictions. my furniture fits one way and one way only. so sad.
    I think I read about Alby Clarke somewhere once. Was there a newspaper spread at the time?