Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27 Stuff 'n' fings wot appened on this day

What a beautiful day it's turning out to be!
The chooks are chooking, the dogs are snoring, the hubby is almost awake and the backyard is almost free of stuff that belongs on the hard rubbish piles.
Chooks are taking to their new hen-house nicely although they stand in solidarity at the gate to The Large Yard to romp and frolic merrily amidst the wormies and grubs and refuse to acknowledge the possibilties just waiting for them in their new part of the yard.
Self-opinionated poultry, hmph!

1841 - Ahhh, can't go many days without yet another Aboriginal Massacre mention.
The Rufus River Massacre took place following reports men and cattle had been killed during a 6 month long guerrilla war by the Indigenous people who had successfully blocked the overland route through their land from Sydney to Adelaide.
50 Aboriginal People were killed in a bend of the Rufus River near Lake Victoria when a party of policemen and volunteers opened fire on a group of 150 Aboriginals who 'advanced with their spears quivering'.

1920 - Bust out the bunting and your Sunday best, Mildred, the first ELECTRIC trains services began tootling from Flinders Street Station to Williamstown.

1992 - The Indigenous Peoples Party was formally launched in Bris-Vegas where every major Aboriginal and Islander community from the Brissy area was represented.

1978 - The Australian Gay Archives and The Gay Trade Unionists Group were founded at the 4th National Homosexual Conference in Paddington Town Hall, Sydney.
Police celebrated this milestone by arresting 74 people involved in the Conference March (charges later dropped).

1922 - Best blow your Vuvuzela, Maud, the first electric trains started shuffling off from Mordialloc to Frankston.

1994 - Glorious, gorgeous Cathy Freeman became the first chickybabe to trounce the 200 and 400 meter double at the Commonwealth Games in Canada.

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  1. 1841 (51?)the Rufus River Massacre - I can't help thinking that if the indigenous people had been given even one cow to feed their families, each time a drive went through, the overland trail would not have been blocked by them and things would have proceeded peacefully for years and years. Think how different things could have been.