Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28 On This Day in Aussie History

Another lovely day!
To attack the backyard and tidy it up, cracking the whip on the spouse and I'm (dangerously) wielding a whipper-snipper in the vague direction of weeds, grass, things taller than 2 cms and anyones legs that get within my range.
I did say dangerously!

1883 - A little eruption, albeit slightly bigger than the pimple on our collective backside known as the political campaign, that was Krakatoa blowing its lid (possibly at a political campaign) resulted in tsunamis tickling the shore line in WA, NSW and Tassie.

1923 - Workers began a tradition that's been closely followed ever since by digging the dirt in begin building the original Parliament House.

1941 - The more things change the more they stay the same; dissension in the ranks of the coalition of the United Australia Party and the Country Party saw Pig Iron Bob Menzies spit the dummy and resign as both leader of the UAP and Prime Minister.
Rinse and repeat.

2010 - The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) handed down a damning report on Australia's failure to meet international commitments on stamping out discrimination.

"I'm not racist but...."
If you start a sentence like this you're not only racist but a DICK.
Don't be a DICK.
Stop being racist.

1911 - Presbyterian Minister and Moliagul-born John Flynn penned a letter to his dear old dad about his travels up the infamous Birdsville Track to Pandie Pandie Station (that's a farm not a railway station) just 11 miles from the QLD border into Banana-Bender Territory.

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  1. And if only the racist dicks read your post (and could recognise themselves).
    Feel free to come over here and tidy my yard too. Bandages and tea supplied.

  2. Jayne with a whipper snipper makes me glad my legs are way over here in souf oz.