Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30 On this day in Oz History and Viva la Hard Rubbish!

Did you know that hard rubbish, very often, does not get sorted and recycled?Most of the time it goes straight to landfill - check with your local council cos they all differ.
Walking around the streets here of late we've seen umpteen collections of kids' toys, car seats, cradles, cots, prams, bikes with nothing that a wipe over wouldn't fix going out.
My son has brought home 5 adult sized bikes, including 2 Malvern Stars and a Diamondback.
Yesterday I picked up 25+ sample pots of paint, almost full, 6x 4 litre paint tins, again almost full, a 10 litre tin, near full and that was just the stuff we did pick up - there were plenty more tins of paint outside homes that had been built/renovated.
Want a new handbasin? Plenty of them, nary a scratch.
New Colourbond corrugated roofing iron? Heaps, in a nice slate grey hue and good lengths, outside one house.
Mobile phones? We've found about 60+ in various boxes and bags, all models/types.
Toilet? There was about 16 at last count.
Antique furniture? Chairs? Rocking chairs? Kitchen chairs? Dining chairs? Outdoor chairs? Wardrobe? Tall boy set of drawers? Chest of drawers? Tables, kitchen tables, dining tables, bedside tables, coffee tables, occasional tables, nests of tables, baby change tables, dressing tables?

The best damn thing I've been told was about another HR picker finding a perfectly good, intact, not a scratch, in-its-case-complete-with-strings-and-bow violin.
Her little girl had been wanting a violin to learn on for almost a year but they couldn't afford to buy her one when the Hard Rubbish gods smiled down and there, laid out before her yesterday was the very thing.

So, think about what you're tossing out; can it be used by someone else?
If yes, speak to a local op shop or community group that recycles goods for those who need them.
Otherwise, smile and wave to the pickers who are recycling what you've labelled as 'rubbish' and know that it's being put to good use rather than landfill.

1979 - A national meeting of homosexual unionists was held in Melbourne and the Gay Community News, a monthly magazine came about through the Homosexual Conference newsletter.

1992 - A hole in the ground opened up...known as the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

2001 - A report released on this day stated that Aboriginal Art counted for $36 billion or 17% of total sales in commercial art galleries in Australia.

1835 - A ship with the title U.S.S Enterprise and Captain James T. Kirk Enterprize bumped along the banks of the Yarra with a cargo named John Pascoe Fawkner.

1921 A general Election was held in Victoria
No, No, No! Not more of the bloody things!

2007 - Vickie Roach, an Aboriginal prisoner in Melbourne, challenged the Howard Govt legislation which had denied prisoners the right to vote; the High Court rejected the legislation but upheld the earlier law that if a prisoner is serving a sentence of three years or longer thay have no right to vote.

1870 - The locals got all keen as mustard for the International Exhibition in London in 1871 so they got up a dress rehearsal and invited all the Aussie states and New Zealand to flaunt their wares at the Intercolonial Exhibition of General Industries and Arts at the Exhibition Building (where else?) at the Prince Alfred Park, Surrey Hills.

1947 - Workers won the 40 hour week when the Commonwealth Arbitration Court in Canberra reckoned it was a top idea.


  1. Hooray for recycling at its best.
    And I am not going to say anything about the human rights track record of little Johnny or I will burn the keyboard with my vitriol.

  2. We need a new side fence, and the colourbond would be brillo.

    Naturally it's against some local by-law to sort through hard rubbish, which is totally stupid. Some idiots do make a mess while sorting, but it's always good to see stuff get recycled, whether people are selling stuff for a living, or have simply found something they will find useful.

    As kids, my brother and I always went in search of billy-cart wheels. Ice-chests were everywhere.

  3. I love hard rubbish collection week! It's a great opportunity to clear the backyard. Unfortunately where I now live, the council doesn't do yearly hard rubbish, instead it has a request service. You put in your request for rubbish pickup, a sticker is sent out to you and must be clearly visible on the rubbish you put on the footpath. Of course others take advantage to add their stuff to your pile, but as long as there is a sticker, the council will pick it up. In other suburbs, I used to love wandering around looking at what some people toss out.

  4. Don't burn your keyboard, EC, he is soooo not worth it!

  5. It's a bit of a grey area, FC, re hard rubbish picking; I know police attempted to charge a chap a few years back but, technically, what he'd picked up was discarded and he was within his rights to help himself (a vacuum cleaner from memory)and they had to drop all charges.

  6. It's such fun just to even have a stickybeak, River :)

  7. I always put stuff out front w/ a free sign on it. It always, always goes.