Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31 On this day in Oz history

Another beautiful day and yet another atrocity against an Aboriginal community not reported by the mainstream media.
You'd think that a bomb being thrown into a community with four people, the youngest only 13, resulting in hospitalisation for spinal, eyesight, hearing and burns injuries would be reported across the nation.
*crickets chirping*
The fact a woman had to be flown to Perth for emergency surgery for burns down to the bone didn't even get the media interested.
A further arson attack didn't rate a headline.
Oh, wait, sorry, my mistake...they were Aboriginal victims.
Not affluent, white, upper middle class rich males who appeal to the mainstream media journalists opinion writers.

1970 - At the Labor Womens Conference in Bris-Vegas Labor leader Gough Whitlam called for homosexual law reform to begin.

1834 - Today marks one of the last sightings of the Kulkalgal People when Captain Wiseman's ship the Augustus Caesar popped into Nahgi Island and spied the islanders on a nearby beach. After further contact and open conflict with white settlers the Kulkalgal population declined.

1980 - Sydney University played Mine Host to the Sixth National Conference for lesbians and Homosexual Men.

1945 - Twas announced at the Sydney Town Hall a new political party had been pupped - that of the Liberal Party of Australia.
Please note the large L not the little l the word usually brings to mind.

1989 - The first major demonstration in Queensland for homosexual law reform took place outside Parliament House in Brisbane which resulted in 5 arrests of men for 'gross indecency' for consensual  acts in the privacy of their own home; this followed the Queensland State Library having shredded 2 books of photographs by Robert Mapplethrope who was homosexual.

1931 - Although on this day 31,200 square miles was set aside for the "use and benefit" of Aboriginal People in Arnhem Land to protect them from interference from Europeans it was later reinterpreted to mean the "use and benefit of purposes of assimilation".


  1. Some pluses, and some major minuses.

  2. Your first two paragraphs put me in mind of the movie "A Time To Kill", where a black man kills the two white-trash men who raped and beat his young daughter then tossed her over a ravine and left her for dead. Matthew McConaughey (?)has the jurors close their eyes as he details the horrific things that happened to the little girl, then his last sentence to them, "now imagine she's white", which startles them and brings a verdict of not guilty.
    This sort of thing really shouldn't happen, skin colour is totally irrelevant, when atrocities happen.

  3. Jayne, so far as I can see, the date on the article is this month and this year? Surely you are talking about what our forefathers did? And it is being reported in an English newspaper but not our own papers? This is outrageous.

  4. At first I was disbelieving that something so horrendous would be looked over... but then I remembered The Great Unwashed of Australia only care about white people.