Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4 On this day in Aussie History

On the subject of genealogy and names.....oh, my Giddy Aunt!
How many Marys, Mays, Maudes, Marthas, Muriels or Mavis' can one family jam into a 2 generation period?
How long is a piece of string?!
And let's not forget the John Wells who begat John Wells who in turn begat John Wells who, surprise surprise, begat another John Wells who felt the need to immortalise the name with his son John Wells who then honoured his father by naming his son John Wells who had no imagination so dubbed his offspring John Wells who then let his wife name their son and she came up with Bert.

One great grandmother had a bakers dozen of rugrats whilst living in Kent St, Windsor.
Go grab a Melways map and have a gander at the surrounding streets as I did one day (yes, I am odd).
I swear she was inspired by the streets around her house - Albert, Alfred, Percy, etc.
Thank the Goddess of genealogy she didn't live next to Emperor Caligula Boulavard.

Although, I reckon those celebs who give their ankle biters weird names are gonna be blessed down to their little cotton socks in about a century or two when family historians start researching.
I'd give my best friends' ex hubby's left testicle for an Moon Unit, Apple, Ziggy, Zowie, Ivy Blue, and, yes, even a North.

1831 - The earliest Australian Ketubah for a Jewish wedding in Sydney.

1929 - Saw a great rave party happening at the Adelaide Railway Station with nary a spray can in sight.
Instead, they were getting their jollies by farewelling the first Ghan train

1923 - He who gave us a plethora of TV games shows with many a double entendre  Reg Grundy was pupped in Sydney.

1906 - What do a cemetery, a convent, a female refuge, a police barracks, a parsonage, a Benevolent Society and a morgue all have in common?
No, no, no, it's nothing to do with politicians and their frolicking through brothels (for a change).
These all occupied the site of the current Central Railway Station in Sydney, opened on this day.

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Jewish History Australia.
Great Southern Rail.
Historic Electric Traction.


  1. Yup. Our ancestors did have a sad lack of imagination when it came to naming their progeny didn't they? Just the same, Moon Unit would be a hard name to live up (or down) to...
    I love Central Railway Stations various manifestations. If only the walls could (or would) talk.

  2. My family tree is full of Emmas and Bernhards, Jospehs (Josef) and Marias. I myself have both Emma and Maria as middle names, one for each grandma.
    Seems like Sydney railway station has had quite a few faces over the years.
    I love The Mikado - which role are you playing? Yum-Yum?

  3. Ahh, if those walls could talk, indeed!!!!

  4. Not Yum-Yum, River, I shall be cheering from the audience as my rotten back took one look at the socks and thongs for our costume and went "Oh you are so not doing that!"

  5. My family did not have a Windsor connection, but my mother's uncles, Alfred, Albert, Arthur among the many names of the times. No Percy that I can recall.

    Don't you get obsessive when you start digging in past!

  6. Andrew, it's very, very, very addictive!