Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5 On this day in Aussie History

Happy, happy, joy, joy, the 12th Doctor has been announced.
Much singing and jocularity has been rampaging throughout our house for the past few hours, which involved a slight casualty in the form of my Wonder Woman pajama pants.
Drat you, Doctor and your sonic screwdriver!

1850 - Dear old Queen Vic scribbled her mark upon a piece of parchment that passed for a Brit Act of Parliament what formally cleaved Victoria from NSW.
Somewhat akin to my pajama pants but probably in a more wholesome fashion.

2001 - Another who was cleaved from this mortal coil was failed mega tycoon Christopher Skase who dropped off the twig due to stomach cancer at the young age of 58, in Majorca.

1815 - Explorer Edward Eyre was pupped on this day in England.
What can one say about his..."colourful" career...except he had impressive facial hair.

1908 - The Federal Government was keen to stop the slaughter of birds for ladies fashions but the 'umble pigeon was deemed fair game for Defence Purposes.
For relaying messages, not for soldiers to adorn their uniforms.
Although, that could have been an improvement.

1926 - Not trusting pigeons or other plumed wildlife Sir Alan Cobham wound up his aircraft and puttered across the skies from England to Oz rocking up to Port Darwin on this day.

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  1. I'm sure there must be some correlation between impressive facial hair and physical pursuits. Show me a hiker without a beard and I'll show you a pretender ...

  2. You had the word 'doctor" underlined as if it was a link so I clicked on it hoping to find news about the latest Dr Who, but it took me to a Vasectomy Reversal Specialist.
    The facial hair needs a good trimming in my opinion.

  3. I looooove Peter Capaldi and I dreamed that he would be the next Doctor, so I was whooping for joy at 4.20am. Then I realised it was rather early and apologised to my neighbours in case they heard!!

  4. Hmmmm, fuzzy, wuzzy, cheeks....!
    Yep, Red, too busy planting one foot in front of the other to bother with planting themselves in front of a mirror :)

  5. River, if you need to reverse your vasectomy, who am I to judge you? :P

  6. Fen, your neighbours needed to share in the news and the joy, you were doing them a favour ;)