Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6 Resources and prattle and today in Aussie history, oh, my !

Trying to write this blogpost but the furbaby, Miss Pip, insists that it's tug o war playtime.
With my right sleeve.
I suspect this may or may not have something to do with the fact I didn't share my toast crusts with her (I'm leaning strongly towards the "may" in this case).
Just gave her a doggie chocolate - I have two hands to type with now, winning!
Now my feet are cold....be right back.
Ahh, Ugg boots = happy feet.
Ably assisted by Miss Pip trying to round them up for a crutching in the back paddock.

Now, what was I going to prattle on about today...?
Oh, yes, a shedload of articles and the odd book or two.

Free Family Research.
Yes, I know....free!
This is for those who ancestors were swanning about in Great Britain in the1800s - 1900s.

Have a gander at this link HERE to see how some of historys figures would have appeared today.
It's a slide show so might take a bit to load for some browsers.
I must say...Henry VIII and Will Shakespeare have caught mine eye!
And Elizabeth I looks magnificent.

That's not a brekkie spread...THIS is a brekkie spread!
No, I can't see that becoming the catchphrase of the new movie The Man Who Invented Vegemite.

Girt by Sea - Australian facts that surprise even Star Trek fans.
Girt; The Unauthorised History of Australia ...Fabulous book by a witty chap, David Hunt, that should be in every home.
Listen to the interview, then have a read of this extract HERE.

Those clever Kiwis have done it again!
Created an app that will bring deserted ghost towns back to life for visitors.
Sadly, it's only for the NZ Bendigo goldfields at the moment, I hope this technology jumps the ditch and gets applied over here, too.

Out 'n' About at Tarnagulla October 6 2013

The upcoming Out 'n' About history day is scheduled for 6 October 2013 in the grand old Victoria Theatre at Tarnagulla.

As you all know, this day was tremendously successful last year, and the 2013 event will be bigger and better with more to see and do. As well as our history display, the Out 'n' About people have an entertaining schedule of events lined up for the whole day and this will include street stalls and lots of attractions for kiddies and oldies. Food and drink will be well catered for by the Community Centre Cafe and the CFA.

Importantly we will be re-launching the Tarnagulla & District Historal Society Inc., and we expect to sign up lots of new members to the Society on the day. In addition, and provided printer's deadlines can be met, we should be in a position to launch a small book which is focused on Tarnagulla's early gold rush history from 1852 to 1857.

Our history displays this year will include quite a bit of new material, and there should be a lot for you to see and to talk about.

 1874 - It was noted on this day that a certain William Cooper was a clever boy in learning the alphabet in just 3 days and was teaching other children, too.
This boy went on to become a great leader in fighting for Aboriginal rights and also led a delegation of the Australian Aboriginal League to the German Consulate in Melbourne in 1938 to protest at the cruel persecution of Jews by the Nazi Govt following the infamous Kristallnacht....when no one else seemed to care.

1995 - Indigenous artist Alma Robinson presented an art work to the Salvation Army, which is on permanent display on the church lecturn, at Alice Springs to signify the good faith between the Aboriginal people and the church.

1983 - Great Aussie band Matt Finish performed at the Tivoli in Sydney which was broadcast on 2JJJ radio (later renamed Triple J).

Salvation Army.
Australian Music History.


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