Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7 On this day in Aussie History

Salutations, good folk.
Another wonderful day sure to be filled with blather from the media and spin doctors about the upcoming election *sigh*.
Oh, if only we could just elect someone by seeing who survives being thrown to the lions in the Melbourne Zoo....then again, the RSPCA would be called due to ill-treatment of innocent animals.

I'm slightly unimpressed, if you hadn't noticed, as they've decided to have their rave party on my Dad's birthday, 7th September.
 Obviously Ruddles et el didn't get my carrier pigeon message which outlined my availability for the rest of the year.
Filling in a ballot card seems so mundane....can't we poke them with sharp pointy objects...just this once?
I reckon you'd get full voter enrollment and turnout without any of the usual "Why is it compulsory to vote?" grumbles.
Couldn't care less who gets in, they're as bad as each other and with preference votes it's always a 2 horse race no matter who or how you choose your candidates.

I say we secede from Canberra; surround the ACT with barbed wire and let them fight it out amongst themselves while we sort out the mess they've left.
We'll accept the refugees fleeing the strife in Canberra...

 photo dunollywe092.jpg

1948 - He of the Underarm Bowling Order Odour that's followed him everywhere Greg Chappell was pupped.

1928 - The murder of a white dingo trapper on this day saw the horrific eruption that became known as the Coniston Massacre.

1894 - Rejoice, good people, rejoice for a railway line between Boort and Quambatook was declared OPEN; yes, open to trains.
Something that's become a foreign notion in this state.

1835 - This day was a Monday when Henry Batman (the brother John Batman would have liked to have kept in the attic) rocked up with his missus, 4 ankle biters and John Helder Wedge.

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  1. As a Canberran I don't like your plan. At all. We have the perishers too often now - it is someone else's turn.

  2. We'll welcome you with open arms, a hot cuppa tea and warmer weather, EC :P

  3. Every time I think about voting, my brain takes a long hike. There's not a single good choice among the lot of them. What's a girl to do? I certainly can't afford to pay a fine for not voting. I'll think of something.

  4. Play tic tac toe on the form, River.
    Or write down the winning Tatts numbers.

  5. If I knew the winning tatts numbers.....