Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9 On this day in Aussie History

I'm typing and researching this date the night before cos it takes a bajillion hours for me to wade through a pile of crappy URLs with dodgy dates and facts.
I lurve dodgy dates and how some twat claimed Harold Holt must have surely opened the Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool?!?
I know Jesus was said to have walked on water but even that would have been a bigger bloody miracle.

I usually do it the night before and schedule the post cos I'm such a slack arse in the morning I can't function til after my eventy-billionth coffee or midday, whichever comes first.
Right now, I'm tired and achy and will probably not be long out of bed, so apologies for no prattle in this post.

1994 - This date was proclaimed by the General Assembly to be The International Day of The World's Indigenous People.
The theme this year is "Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements."
Such a pity the other bastards don't always honour their end of the bargain.

1851 - Sovereign Hill suddenly sprouted on the map with the discovery of GOLD!!
The locals had been kicking about on that patch of land for thousands of years but apparently Europeans had to go and dig great bloody holes all over the place, shouting EUREKA!

1899 - Helen Lyndon Goff was pupped in Maryborough, Queensland, changed her name to Pamela Lyndon Travers, shortened it yet again to P.L. Travers (cos of course women couldn't possibly author books, don't you know?! /sarcasm) and became a popular author with her creation of Mary Poppins.

1866 - The Rooty Hill Ripple Riders almost got their hand in when the effects of a tsunami (or in the local vernacular "a bloody great wave") was felt along the NSW coast.

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  1. I warmed to the word 'tsunami' when little Johnny Howard said he didn't like it. Petty? Moi?

  2. PL Travers did she also write as Helen Goff? Because that name sounds familiar although I don't know why. I had Mary Poppins on VHS tape and my grandson borrowed it when he was four. I'm told he watched it every day for years.

  3. What can one say but lol at Holt opening the pool.