Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The REAL mother in law from Hell !

I can't claim to have found this - a friend in a genealogy FB group came across this little snippet and I shamelessly stole it from her.
Genealogy is all about history as well as family.

Wonder what this family feel about this part of their history, now?!  photo bavaria_zps7dfc952a.jpg


Elephant's Child said...

Hmm. It makes more run of the mill interference pale into insignificance doesn't it? I hope that wife the third got all the worldly goods - and a cushy life.

River said...

It seems rather extreme. We all know that no woman is ever good enough for our sons, but scaring them to death is way over the top.

Brian Hughes said...

My mother-in-law wouldn't have to masquerade. She really is the devil.