Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1 A pinch and a punch on the first of the month

And no get backs!
Ner, ner, ner, ner ,nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Yes, I iz sooooo mature-like *snort*

1978 - Legendary Aboriginal cricketer Eddie Gilbert passed away aged 74; he had once knocked the bat from (Sir) Don Bradman's hand and dismissed him for a duck.

Long time readers will know I have little time for Bradman (and the whole holier-than-thou nonsense people write about him) but I'm very happy to report this chaps endeavours!

1851 - Twas a Friday, back in the day, ahhh, yes, I remember it well!
Anywho, the first Gold Licences were issued to those lovely gold diggers in Gum Sucker territory aka Victoria.

1987 - Peter Anderson, the NSW Minister for Health, pledged a sum of $500,000 to extend the availability of AZT  which was used to delay the development of AIDS for those with HIV.

1996 - And we did gnash our teeth and weep long tears at the final ever game that Fitzroy Football Club ever played.
Well....I personally didn't but I imagine others may have....

1999 - Brian Greig, Australian Democrats Senator, used his maiden speech to describe the homophobic environment that lesbians and gay men live each day as akin to apartheid

1873 - Wailing and gnashing of teeth was not heard at this gathering - unless it was from some mothers fretting over the no-longer-Sunday-best-whites the fruit of her loins was sporting after a romp; 50 employers and 450 employees got together to have a banquet ohhh, errr, in Whites Assembly Rooms, King William St, Adelaide, to celebrate the very first 48 hour week.

1975 - The widely read 16-page monthly LGBT magazine Campaign was first published by Rod Stringer; the first issue was a princely $1 and sold 700 copies.


  1. A hit and a kick, for being so quick - and no returns (from one adult to another).
    I am in awe. I hadn't realised that someone else didn't think that Bradman should be beatified. (though mind you I am not a sport fan).
    Some mixed news today, but mostly positive. Which is lovely. Thank you.

  2. RIP Eddie. It has been said that when others conveniently banished Gilbert back to the mission for "chucking" the ball, Bradman had the grace to defend him.

    Lots of horrid things have been said about Bradman - none, of course, by little Johnny Howard. [Spit].

  3. Little Johnny Winston Howard was a bullied kid at school who pissed his pants in fear behind the bike shed. a little baldy winp.

  4. I never got the hang of pinching and punching first, I always got everybody's pinches and punches.

    A 48 hour week? So people worked all day Saturdays? I started work back in the 40 hour weeks times and if we worked Saturdays it was classed as overtime. I don't remember working any Saturdays, but someone must have, it was a milk bottling and cheese making factory, and the tankers of milk came in daily, because cows don't take time off.